Why J-Lo’s Super Bowl Half-time Performance was Distasteful and Disturbing

First, please understand that I am not body-shaming Jennifer Lopez. She and Shakira are absolutely gorgeous and possess phenomenal bodies that they have worked really hard to achieve and maintain. I commend them for that. And to look so fit and healthy at 50 and 43 years old? I am truly jealous! I didn’t have half that body at 16. So, you go, ladies!
J-Lo has everything to be proud of, but why do we need to see her everything? We would still be able to tell that she is gorgeous and curvaceous and fit and strong and damn hot had she worn slightly less revealing clothing. Even if she had dressed like Shakira in a booty skirt and crop top. But J-Lo took it to the next level and beyond with the dominatrix outfit which she later stripped off to reveal shimmering transparent lingerie. If that wasn’t enough, she bent over and shook her exposed rear end in the cameras then went into a pole dance where she flung her legs wide open so the cameras and the whole world could have a clear view of her smoothly waxed labia. Why? Why was this necessary? Could she not prove that she is a beautiful and talented woman without thrusting her vagina at all of America? What is she trying to prove? That’s she still “Jenny from the block”? I can gaurantee that even the meth-addicted $10 hookers at the corner of her block don’t dress so scantily. So what was the purpose behind the outfits? What was she trying to teach her children and mine? That you should be able to do whatever you want with your body without consequence? That even if you openly expose the most intimate parts of yourself to the world, that no one should have the gall to be appalled nor the inclination to be aroused? And if they were, then what? They should have the decency to withhold their comments about her indecency? No. It doesn’t work that way, sister. You don’t get to shame us for commenting on the way you have shamed yourself. You don’t get to create a grand display of soft-core porn and then expect everyone to accept this as the new standard for decency. You don’t get to expose yourself to our children and then leave it to us to try to explain why wearing revealing clothing to school isn’t acceptable, but gyrating mostly-nude in front of the world is applauded. I want my daughter to grow up to know that she is strong and beautiful and talented and can achieve great things without forgoing her femininity or the protection of her body. She doesn’t need to flamboyantly flaunt her sexuality to be seen as sexy. She doesn’t need to expose her flesh to be noticed and appreciated. And I especially want her to know that the attention one gets from men and women alike when they strip down and grind in front of an audience is not the kind of attention she truly desires. It does not garner respect. It only provokes the perverted and enrages the moral. True strength and beauty comes from knowing you can, but choosing not to. And the truly wise understand this.

No thank you, J-Lo. I love your voice, not your vagina.

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